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I Just Got My First Supercar for Free!

Yup, you read it right! I will share with you how I got my first supercar without paying for anything.


I have agents asking me all the time, "Why did you join EXP Realty?

Let me show you how the numbers made sense to me and allowed me to buy my first supercar with cash for nothing!

That’s right, my brokerage just bought me a supercar. I own it free and clear, and I paid nothing for it.

Almost 8 years ago, I got my real estate license and joined a big national brokerage. They had a great culture, great training, and great people—why would I ever leave?

Three years ago, I saw the future of real estate brokerages. I aligned my business with another national brokerage that had a great culture, great training (that you can do from anywhere), great people, and great technology (that I was paying thousands for), and they gave ownership to top producers.

Yep. That’s right, they give top producers equity in the company. Even better, the company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.

My old brokerage didn’t do that! Long story short, I received thousands of shares for doing what I was already doing.

"To be successful in real estate investing, all you need is DEDICATION, TIME, AND CONSISTENCY" - Jordy Clark

The first closed transaction every year equals free stock in the company.

Your capping transaction equals free stock in the company.

When you cap and do an additional 20 transactions, you become an ICON agent and are eligible to receive your entire cap back in the form of stock.

When I learned that, I moved over. At that time, there were about 10,000 agents nationwide.

Now we have over 85,000, and the momentum is just getting going.

If you’re re-evaluating where your license is hanging in these shifting times, we should have a conversation!

When most brokerages are laying off employees and cutting costs, we are expanding. If you’re a top-producing realtor, you may as well be an owner and share in profits as an owner.

I struggled with whether I wanted to post this or not. I’m not trying to brag or show off my supercar. I’m trying to show gratitude for what this brokerage has done for my life and my financial future. It has made dreams come true.

I hope to inspire others who are looking for more in their lives!


Helping others achieve financial independence through real estate investing, and other passive income opportunities.

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